Lolita Wishlist Top Choices, Updated

Back in September of last year, I posted my lolita wishlist top choices. A bit has changed since then, so I'd like to make a new post!

The biggest change is that I have aquired my dream dress, A Dream in a Midsummer's Night!!!! I knew it would happen one day, and it happens this time it went up for sale was the right time! It's absolutely surreal owning this piece.
I had been growing my Midsummer's collection piece by piece, and currently all I'm missing is the headbow.

It's actually quite funny that I got the socks from my friend Saru, the ring from Matsu, and the bracelet from Joshia. The necklace and dress were purchased from the comm_sales.
I can't wait to wear this dress in a full out coord. I was playing around in photoshop the day I purchased it to create one of those cute polyvore style coordinates everyone makes:

It's not the best, but I was trying to work with what I pictures I had available :) 
I'm gonna find lots of great ways to coordinate this dress

Aside from this though, there are still many dresses I have on my wishlist...In fact, I have all my wishlists organized by brand on facebook!
So many things x_x
I've definitely found my niche in lolita: classic-sweet. 
It's apparent in my current wardrobe in such dresses like:
They're not AP's super sweet style, but not full on classic like IW; it's somewhere in the middle. I really love the pieces that I have in my wardrobe, and I really want to add more pieces that I know I'll keep!

Because I've found my style, I'm able to put things on my wishlist I think will really suit me. Without further adieu, in no particular order but sorted by brand, my current top wishlist choices:

Angelic Pretty

Misty Sky, Sax
JSK Link, OP Link
After seeing how this dress in person and how it has been coordinated, I'm completely 
in love with it! I like sax the most because I think I could coordinate it best, but I'd be happy 
getting it in navy or pink too.

Cafe Latte Tiered JSK, Beige
Lolibrary Link 
This hasn't changed, it's still high on the wishlist! Because it's a plain piece,
I think I'll have trouble finding it, but one day this will definitely be in my closet! 

Lacey Lady OP, Ivory, Pink, or Sax
AP Link 
This dress suits my style perfectly! It's just too darling!
I think this will be another piece that'll be hard to find later, but I'll get it one day!

Lovely Girl Short Coat, White
AP Link 
This coat is fabulous. 
I tried it on at AP SF and was immediately in love.

Kururin Ribbon Charm Headbow, Ivory or Pink
AP Link
This headbow is really darling, and I'd probably actually get it in every color.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright & Alice and the Pirates

Hide-and-Seek With Missin' Alice Print JSK, Ivory
Hellolace Link 
I tried the OP of this dress on in Fairytale Boutique and I immediately realized how 
lovely it is! I don't care for OP's much, so I'd really like to get the JSK of this dress.

Pocket Embroidery, Ivory
I believe this is the first version, and I like only this style.  
The second version doesn't have buttons. 
I've seen detail photos of this dress, and it's just stunning.

Blooming Flower JSK, Pink or Gray
Baby Link 
I had really liked the cut of Fragrant Rose Memories, but didn't care for the print.
When Baby came out with this beauty, I fell in love! 
I'm a big sucker for floral prints, and the cut of this is too darling.

Lame Dot Chiffon JSK, Off White, Ivory, Pink, or Lavender
Baby Link
Along the same path as the above dress, Baby released this darling 
dotted chiffon JSK. This would be a perfect everyday piece.

I love Baby's chiffon blouses. These are a few of the ones I'm lusting after:

Chiffon princess dress blouse
Offwhite, Yellow, Pink, Black, or Sax
Baby Link

Twinkle constellation chiffon blouse
Beige, Pink, or Navy
Baby Link

Angel's Gentle Whisper of the Heavenly 
Holy Night Melody Raphael Blouse
Ivory, White, or Navy. 
Maybe Black or Lavender.
Lolibrary Link

 Chiffon baby doll ribbon blouse
Ivory or Black
Baby Link

Innocent World

I find this brand is tricky, because honestly until you see their items in person, you don't realize how gorgeously detailed they are. This wishlist isn't as big, but if I went to one of their stores, I could see many more items being added to the list.
Honestly, I wish I could have every piece from my full IW wishlist.

Rabbit Letter JSK, Blue
Lolibrary Link
 Upon looking at this dress closer, it's really cute! I like the rabbits on it, 
and I chose the blue colorway because it makes the stripes not stand out so much.

Lauretta Rose JSK, Cream
Lolibrary Link 
I love many of IW's floral pieces, 
and the design and colors of this one stood out to me.

Amalia JSK, Black
Lolibrary Link 
This is a gorgeous black dress that can be worn casually as well as dressed up, 
and I really need one of those! Remember about those small details I mentioned? 
They're all over this dress! There's a hidden floral print on it, making this dress so pretty.


Fairy Tale Frill Pinafore Dress, Lavender 
Lolibrary Link 
This dress is just too gorgeous, hands down. I was 12 hours 
too late the only time I've seen it posted on the comm_sales ;_; 
maybe it'll come around again!


I really love the things this brand produces, but there's one darling dress that's on the top of my Baroque wishlist right now.

Missing letter keys and rabbit OP, Blue
Rabbits! and keys! it's too cute! 
I decided to go for the OP version of this dress because the JSK was 
A-line and I just didn't like it. The whole design of the OP is too darling!

Congrats if you made it all the way to the end!
What do you think of my choices? If you know me, do you think they suit me?
Do any of you have wishlists? What's the one thing you're lusting after right now?
I'd be curious to know!

Until Next Time,
xoxo Sami


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I'm so glad that you were able to get your dream dress *^^*

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