Tune in Tokyo presents HARAJUKU HOLIDAY: Lolita Fashion Showcase at Royal/T

On Feb 22nd, I attended Tune in Tokyo's Harajuku Holiday, and was one of the models in the fashion show!
It took us forever to get there, an hour and a half, traveling from Pomona to Culver City. But we finally made it at 7. We did a rehearsal before doors opened, and I found I was closing the show.
Mandie had asked if I would wear one of the lovely designs from Miss Angela Che, and I was more than happy to!

Angela in her UFO Catcher design, and me in Forest Friends

My boyfriend Robert, Tani, Ashley and I (and Matsu joined later on) sat at a table to have some tea and snacks before the fashion show. It was really great to catch up with these girls! I always miss seeing them :3

After the main acts, it was our turn to do the fashion show!

Me up on the stage

I was doing a more casual style, and Mandie and I communicated on the best items to coordinate with this dress ^^
I was so nervous backstage, but knew once I got out there it would be a lot of fun...and it was!

All of us girls, gothic in the back, sweet in the front

Here's a video from Lovely Lor, which includes the fashion show!

I'm still waiting for more photos to pop up around Facebook and the rest of the internet, cuz I'm sure there were a lot more taken haha. One set of great photos is here from LA Weekly ^^
I was very bad about taking photos from the night (as usual x_x) but I enjoyed seeing everyone! I got sooooo many compliments about Angela's dress! I can't wait for the next event, so I can see all my great friends again :D

On another note, I'm really excited because March 3rd I'm doing a photoshoot with Matsu and Cabusi and on the 17th with Nelson for his Floating Lolita collection! They're going to be a lot of fun; I can't wait!

Until next time,
<3 Sami


Recently I got a hamster! My boyfriend's sister gave her to me :) Her original name was Lucy, but I decided to rename her....Bunny! haha I love bunnies, and she's the closest I'm going to get to having a bunny any time soon. She's such a fluffball! Sometimes I call her Butterball, dunno why, but it just stuck.

This is the cage we bought for her, it was bigger than her original one, and I wanted her to have some space to roam. I'd like to get her more attached tubes and whatnot, but I haven't been able to get it yet.

 There's the lower level with her igloo, the second level shelves with treats on the left and her food bowl on the right, tubes to get up to the second level -- but she prefers to grab onto the shelf and pull herself up -- and the left tube goes up to a little square where she can curl up and sleep:

Since she discovered this spot, she's been sleeping here a lot more than in her igloo.

Goodness, she's such a ham! She's very good at posing for me :3
She sat here like this, I ran to grab my camera, came back and she was still sitting there, I took the photo, then she ran off. I'm happy she likes sitting still sometimes!

I let her run around in her ball sometimes, and I think she really enjoys that :)
Today I let her roam around in the bathroom because there wasn't anywhere for her to disappear off to. In the end she found things on the floor that she shouldn't eat, so I had to put her back. I think she had fun though!
 She decided she liked this spot behind the toilet, and sat there for a bit haha.

Then she decided to clean herself in the midst of a belt...again behind the toilet.

She's so cute, I really love her :D I spoil her too! Too many treats, she's such a fatbutt!

Until next time,
<3 Sami

Your Secret

"Lolita, I've finally found your secret, a fluffy skirt".
Wonderful lyrics from Moon-Kana- that describe me perfectly. Lolita isn't necessarily the first thing I tell people about myself, and when I do (thankfully) most really like it, or at least accept it. Lolita really is an amazingly large portion of my life. I'm always on egl and the comm_sales, checking out new brand releases, coming up with designs, and of course, going to school for fashion. It's something I want to pursue always, and want to keep it with me in ink.
I began my tattoo design with simply the lyrics, knew I wanted the placement to be on my right side between my bra and panty line, and I planned on that for a while. Recently, I wanted to add in something a bit more. I started with the idea of a cute bow at the end of the text, but it felt too overdone. Then I thought "Why not something from my first dream dress?" and thus, I tried to add in the roses from Alice and the Pirates' Dream in a Midsummer Night. I went through many variations, but couldn't get it quite right.
Then, I found it: just the composition I thought would work well. Of course, I'll be going over it with my artist to make sure it'll work well, and I want to make sure I love it before really going through with it -- and of course saving up the money!!
Currently I'm planning on starting with saving up for just the outline, and then do shading for the second session when I've got more money. Again, I've got to talk with my artist because I don't know how separate sessions are done.
I think I've finally got it though. Take a look:

What do you think?
I also did a quick photoshop edit of what it'll look like on my side from an older photo:

Honestly, I think this is gonna look sick! I'm so excited :D Now it's just a matter of saving up!

Until next time,
<3 Sami

A bit about me :)

Hi everyone!

Well, I suppose if you've found my blog, you know me already, but I'll give a bit about myself.
I'm a fourth year Apparel Merchandising and Management student at Cal Poly Pomona. I'm really into Japanese fashion, especially Lolita <3 I found it back in high school through Japanese music, and my friend introduced me to the Gothic Lolita Bibles. After that another friend showed me the LiveJournal communities, and it was cake from there. I did a lot of research and finally began buying Lolita clothes in September 2009. I absolutely love the fashion and how frilly and unique it is! You can check out my current wardrobe here on Facebook. I'm always looking to expand my wardrobe, but I always feel broke and I know I shouldn't buy things haha...
Anyway, I've never made a blog before, and my life isn't terribly exciting, but I'll try to post as often as I can with different life musings or events and whatnot. Hopefully this will encourage me to take more photos in my life too :)
Thanks for stopping by!