Suspended Elegance, 2013

It's been a while, hasn't it? I've been so busy!

Today I want to share with you all my latest photoshoot with LaPhotoNET!
This was our second third time shooting together, and the second time for the Suspended Elegance series! He needed an "emergency floating lolita" so I stepped up to the plate, and was really excited about it! (Seriously, like all week I was planning my outfit)
For this set, I wore my Angelic Pretty Rose Dress Up JSK. I'm so in love with this dress <3 I wanted to do a lot of flowers too, so I did up my Cyperous wig with lots of clip-in flowers and bows :)

Rob and I drove out to Griffith Park and met up with Nelson and his crew of helpers, and got right down to business. The shoot took about an hour, and Nelson said he got all the shots he wanted! I had a few tricks up my sleeve too! I knew I wanted to do it barefoot; it gave it a different feel that I really enjoyed. We got some really cool standing shots too that made me feel like Mary Poppins ^^;

Here are my favorites:

Pretty cool, huh? 
I seem to be really good at surprising myself! When the first photo appeared, I was like "0_0 that's me!?!?!" I was in total disbelief!
As much as I love the last set I did with him last year, I can see a big improvement in my style this time around. This definitely suits me a lot!
As always, Nelson is so much fun to work with! I hope we have an opportunity to shoot together again soon *poke poke*

Please check out the full series of Suspended Elegance from LaPhotoNet here!
Nelson wrote a little blog entry about the shoot here too ^^

Until Next Time
xoxo Sami ;)

Odd Tidbits About Me!

Every so often, a weird memory will pop up into my head, and I thought it'd be interesting to write them down! I'll write down weird things about me too.
I'll repost this blog now and then when I've added more to the list~

❤ In 6th grade I went on a field trip to a pirate ship. My teacher chose me as the captain, which meant I was in charge of my crew of other classmates. I remember trying to instruct them on what to do (with help from an instructor who worked there) and they had to wrap the ship's rope correctly or do it again.

❤ My grandma would never let me watch Power Rangers because it was too violent. I'd sneak watching it a bit when she was in the other room though!



So it's true! I'll be graduating this quarter! I can't believe that I've been here for 5 years, and it's finally coming to an end ;_; It's been a long journey, but I'm ready to start the next chapter...real adulthood! I've got to find myself a full time job much as I love working at Fairytale, I know that won't be a full time thing! Hopefully I can still help out though <3

My graduation ceremony will be June 14, and I've decided to make my own graduation announcements, because why not?! I've worked on Photoshop and Illustrator for at least 8 years now, so might as well use those skills :)
Check them out!

Sorry, can't share where!

What do you guys think? I really love the floral pattern! My grandma and I are going to do a few more tweaks, then I'm going to take them to get printed, and put them in pretty envelopes and send them out to everyone :)

Ready? Let's do this!
I'll be sure to post pics ;)

Until Next Time,

Lolita 52 Challenge: A Lolita Topic a Week!

I saw this posted on F Yea Lolita, and I thought it was super cute! It's a 52-week challenge, where you answer one question a week. I don't want to end up with 52 posts on my blog about this, so I'm gong to condense it to just one post! I might end up forgetting about this sometimes, so I'll do my best to do it once a week, but I may end up just completing it when I'm thinking about it! (Fully completed answers will have questions in bold, otherwise I'm still working on it)
Here we go~~~!

Coming to a close...

Hello Hello!

Whelp, this week concludes my internship at Fairytale Boutique…but not my time with them! Miki offered me a part time job <333 I’m so excited to be able to work there! Please come visit me on Fridays and Saturdays!

I was very fortunate to get this internship, and I definitely learned a lot. It taught me how to work in the retail environment since I haven't worked in retail before. I learned the inner workings of a store, and everything that it takes to run one, including marketing, visual merchandising, inventory, store layout, and the online store.
The online store was my biggest responsibility, since we really wanted to get that up and running. I learned everything about the admin side of it, and quickly found there are a lot of small details that need to be input for an item before it can be put on the floor, and even more for when it goes up online.
I was able to apply my knowledge from AMM, because it has taught me all I know about the fashion industry. I’ve learned about store layouts and floor plans, fabrics and sewing skills, and accounting and store management. In different ways, I was able to apply these skills and more to my internship, which made me a greater asset because I wasn’t coming into it with no knowledge of the industry.
I did learn a lot for the time I was there. I enjoyed that I already knew my boss, because it made the dynamic between us more relaxed and comfortable. I think if she didn’t know her intern, it wouldn’t have gone nearly as well. I am very thankful for the opportunity.

See you soon!

Dolly House Runway & Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

On March 3rd, I was part of Dolly House Runway, a fashion show presented by the SoCal Lolitas. I was very fortunate to be asked to be a model for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright! I had missed out on their PMX show, so I was happy that this opportunity arose. This was an incredible experience for me, since Baby & AatP are two of my favorite brands!

The show was hosted at UC Irvine. I carpooled with Stephanie, and it took us about 45 minutes to get there. We ended up being early, and arrived at 9am. We hung around for a bit until more people showed up, including the representatives for Baby, Joshia and Fabienne. While we were hanging out, we checked out Baby's booth; they had so much good stuff!

Photo from Peter Huynh
Fabienne showed us everything we would be wearing, and Fall in Love with the Sweet Magic Scent was chosen for me!
JSK in Sax BlueBlouse in ivory
SocksBABY Victoir shoes
Not to mention the 3 petticoats I was wearing and bloomers!
I also carried a little Usakumya coinpurse, and they were so smart and put the scrunchie from the series on him!

I was really happy with this outfit, and everyone was saying the color suited me so well! It felt like "over the top classic Baby style" and was super fun to wear!

We practiced on the runway first to assure we would know what we were doing, how we were posing, and how to walk. I look like a dork, but this pic came out pretty cute:
Photo from Peter Huynh

Although we had to wait around for a while before getting our hair and makeup, Tani coordinated all the looks she was aiming for, and I had my makeup done by Ali, and she did an absolutely beautiful job! My makeup matched my outfit perfectly :)
Backstage was pretty crazy, there were people running everywhere, everyone was trying to get makeup and hair done, lots of wigs and clothes everywhere too!

But! After a lot of nerves and anticipation, it was finally time to take the stage!! Baby showed a video first of the whole process of making their clothes. Since we were behind the stage, we only got to see bits and pieces of it, but I heard it was really lovely!

On to the pics!

Mah face
Photo from Zekie Cho
Me on stage!
Photo from Peter Huynh
Here's a picture of Misako wearing close to the same outfit!

All the other models look absolutely stunning in their outfits as well! Joshia and Fabienne did an amazing job at choosing outfits that would work best with us :)

Stephanie: Robe a la Francaise & Headdress Set
Stephanie looks so pretty in pink!
Photo from Peter Huynh

Ashley: Alice’s tear bottle ribbon tassel JSK
Ashley fell so in love with this dress!
Photo from Peter Huynh

Frances: Marie du ange & veil with mini hat
Frances looked absolutely stunning in this!
Photo from Peter Huynh

Ayami: Air Mail Vest & Skirt
She looks so perfect!
Photo from Peter Huynh

Leslie: Trump Alice OP
She looks like a perfect Alice doll!
Photo from Peter Huynh

Everyone did a fabulous job on the runway; I'm so proud of us!
Fabienne and Joshia did a wonderful job of guiding us as well, and making sure everything ran smoothly. Thank you girls so much for everything!
Joshia - BABY Manager
Photo from Ariane
Fabienne - BABY Rep
Photo from Ariane

Looking out at all the people that were there, I was excited that it was a full house! I really hope everyone enjoyed the show :D

Here's a video from ChillyWillyTube of the show!

After we finished our part, we changed back into our own clothes, and I put on AatP's Midsummer's. I had only worn it to school and work so far, so I wanted to wear it for an actual event! It was really hot so I made a really simple outfit without a blouse ^^;

Photo from Angela
Stephanie, Ayami, and I went to see what goodies Albertina (our lovely food coordinator) had made! I loaded up my plate with sweets, mini hot dogs, and other yummy things! I really like everything, but I think my favorite were the mini Oreo cupcakes!

Angela's Plate
Photo from Peter Huynh

After having our fill, we went to chat with all our friends that had come to the event! It was so nice seeing all the familiar faces, some I hadn't seen in a while either :) I was so happy to hear everyone thought I did a good job on the runway ^^ We all hung out and talked, and I tried to have a small chat with as many people as I could :)

I went over to Baby's table where Joshia was, and she gave me a giftbag for being a model! It was very sweet of her. I got an Alice's Letter Pad and a Rose Boudoir ring. I was actually eying that ring at the beginning of the event, so I was happy I was given it as a gift!

After a while, I found there was a small crowd out in the hallway, so I hung out there for a while...and ended up twerking with Lor....

We went back inside for the raffle. They had a lot of good prizes, including some from Maruq and Baby. Being a model, I was given one ticket for it. I was number 188456. My heart went pounding 3 times when they called 188458, 3, and 1! I was sad I didn't win anything, but was very happy for those who did :)

Since I had been up since 6am and it was about 8pm after the raffle, Stephanie and I decided to call it a night. It was definitely a long day!!
Overall, I think the event turned out pretty well, and there was a great turnout. I hope all goes well for next year, and maybe I'll be back in the fashion show!

There are a lot of albums of the show floating around, here's links to a few of them!
(when more surface, I'll add links)

Until Next Time,
:D Sami

Harlem Shake: SoCal Loli Style

Soooooo in my last post I mentioned we did some video filming at Fairytale Boutique last night...

It's the Harlem Shake!! Lor wanted to make one, so she rounded up a group of us to participate. This was so ridiculous, but way too much fun! I've had to watch this a few times now to see what everyone was doing :3 I'm happy this had a good turnout!


Fairytale Boutique New Items, Video Filming, and Dolly House Runway!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been a bit quieter recently, it’s crunch time at school, and I’ve just been so busy! Between projects, presentations, essays, midterms, and interning, I feel like I haven’t had a chance to catch up in the internet world :( The good thing is that I’ve just finished week 8 out of 10 in this quarter, so in just a bit here, finals will be coming up! I’m so ready for spring break x_x

This week has been really busy at Fairytale Boutique!! Our website has finally opened, to the wonderful applause of many people that were waiting for it! See the announcement post here :)

Please visit us over at! There are a lot of items up right now, and we’re working on updating it with more items as often as we can :)

We’ve been getting a lot of new items at the store too! Currently a few more dresses, a bag, and a messload of accessories! You’ll just have to come in to see everything we’ve got! Really, all I worked on yesterday was inputting many of the new items into the system so we could put them on the floor.

Oh! Miki also did a really big preorder on the Angelic Pretty Mook with Sugary Carnival Tote that’s come out! We got SO many x_x we wrapped up about 20 yesterday to be shipped out. It was a lot of work, and when everything was packed, we had a giant stack of priority boxes! Thankfully the postman will do a pick-up for us!

These books are really cute! Personally I don't care for the black colorway of Sugary Carnival, so I'm not terribly interested in the tote, but I definitely want to pick up the book! I'm hoping to find it online by itself for cheaper, because I know most people are after that tote.

We also did a video filming after hours last night! It was so much fun, but I can't say what it's for! When it gets released, I'll post about it on here :) Thanks everyone that came, I think it was a big success, and I can't wait to see how it turned out! We had a lot of fun, and a great group of people!

Anyway, I’m going in today too, and it’s going to be just as busy, but hopefully we can put all the new stuff out today! Miki and I teamwork well together, and it makes it go a lot faster :)


On another note....please join us at Dolly House Runway tomorrow! I'm really excited, and it's going to be a really fun and big event! I'm actually going to be one of the models for *** so please come watch me do my best in the fashion show! Hopefully I'll be wearing the dress of my choice, but anything I will be wearing will look wonderful! See you all there :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my updates, and I hope to post again real soon!

Until Next Time,
x_x Sami

Lolita Wishlist Top Choices, Updated

Back in September of last year, I posted my lolita wishlist top choices. A bit has changed since then, so I'd like to make a new post!

The biggest change is that I have aquired my dream dress, A Dream in a Midsummer's Night!!!! I knew it would happen one day, and it happens this time it went up for sale was the right time! It's absolutely surreal owning this piece.
I had been growing my Midsummer's collection piece by piece, and currently all I'm missing is the headbow.

It's actually quite funny that I got the socks from my friend Saru, the ring from Matsu, and the bracelet from Joshia. The necklace and dress were purchased from the comm_sales.
I can't wait to wear this dress in a full out coord. I was playing around in photoshop the day I purchased it to create one of those cute polyvore style coordinates everyone makes:

It's not the best, but I was trying to work with what I pictures I had available :) 
I'm gonna find lots of great ways to coordinate this dress

Aside from this though, there are still many dresses I have on my wishlist...In fact, I have all my wishlists organized by brand on facebook!
So many things x_x
I've definitely found my niche in lolita: classic-sweet. 
It's apparent in my current wardrobe in such dresses like:
They're not AP's super sweet style, but not full on classic like IW; it's somewhere in the middle. I really love the pieces that I have in my wardrobe, and I really want to add more pieces that I know I'll keep!

Because I've found my style, I'm able to put things on my wishlist I think will really suit me. Without further adieu, in no particular order but sorted by brand, my current top wishlist choices:

Angelic Pretty

Misty Sky, Sax
JSK Link, OP Link
After seeing how this dress in person and how it has been coordinated, I'm completely 
in love with it! I like sax the most because I think I could coordinate it best, but I'd be happy 
getting it in navy or pink too.

Cafe Latte Tiered JSK, Beige
Lolibrary Link 
This hasn't changed, it's still high on the wishlist! Because it's a plain piece,
I think I'll have trouble finding it, but one day this will definitely be in my closet! 

Lacey Lady OP, Ivory, Pink, or Sax
AP Link 
This dress suits my style perfectly! It's just too darling!
I think this will be another piece that'll be hard to find later, but I'll get it one day!

Lovely Girl Short Coat, White
AP Link 
This coat is fabulous. 
I tried it on at AP SF and was immediately in love.

Kururin Ribbon Charm Headbow, Ivory or Pink
AP Link
This headbow is really darling, and I'd probably actually get it in every color.

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright & Alice and the Pirates

Hide-and-Seek With Missin' Alice Print JSK, Ivory
Hellolace Link 
I tried the OP of this dress on in Fairytale Boutique and I immediately realized how 
lovely it is! I don't care for OP's much, so I'd really like to get the JSK of this dress.

Pocket Embroidery, Ivory
I believe this is the first version, and I like only this style.  
The second version doesn't have buttons. 
I've seen detail photos of this dress, and it's just stunning.

Blooming Flower JSK, Pink or Gray
Baby Link 
I had really liked the cut of Fragrant Rose Memories, but didn't care for the print.
When Baby came out with this beauty, I fell in love! 
I'm a big sucker for floral prints, and the cut of this is too darling.

Lame Dot Chiffon JSK, Off White, Ivory, Pink, or Lavender
Baby Link
Along the same path as the above dress, Baby released this darling 
dotted chiffon JSK. This would be a perfect everyday piece.

I love Baby's chiffon blouses. These are a few of the ones I'm lusting after:

Chiffon princess dress blouse
Offwhite, Yellow, Pink, Black, or Sax
Baby Link

Twinkle constellation chiffon blouse
Beige, Pink, or Navy
Baby Link

Angel's Gentle Whisper of the Heavenly 
Holy Night Melody Raphael Blouse
Ivory, White, or Navy. 
Maybe Black or Lavender.
Lolibrary Link

 Chiffon baby doll ribbon blouse
Ivory or Black
Baby Link

Innocent World

I find this brand is tricky, because honestly until you see their items in person, you don't realize how gorgeously detailed they are. This wishlist isn't as big, but if I went to one of their stores, I could see many more items being added to the list.
Honestly, I wish I could have every piece from my full IW wishlist.

Rabbit Letter JSK, Blue
Lolibrary Link
 Upon looking at this dress closer, it's really cute! I like the rabbits on it, 
and I chose the blue colorway because it makes the stripes not stand out so much.

Lauretta Rose JSK, Cream
Lolibrary Link 
I love many of IW's floral pieces, 
and the design and colors of this one stood out to me.

Amalia JSK, Black
Lolibrary Link 
This is a gorgeous black dress that can be worn casually as well as dressed up, 
and I really need one of those! Remember about those small details I mentioned? 
They're all over this dress! There's a hidden floral print on it, making this dress so pretty.


Fairy Tale Frill Pinafore Dress, Lavender 
Lolibrary Link 
This dress is just too gorgeous, hands down. I was 12 hours 
too late the only time I've seen it posted on the comm_sales ;_; 
maybe it'll come around again!


I really love the things this brand produces, but there's one darling dress that's on the top of my Baroque wishlist right now.

Missing letter keys and rabbit OP, Blue
Rabbits! and keys! it's too cute! 
I decided to go for the OP version of this dress because the JSK was 
A-line and I just didn't like it. The whole design of the OP is too darling!

Congrats if you made it all the way to the end!
What do you think of my choices? If you know me, do you think they suit me?
Do any of you have wishlists? What's the one thing you're lusting after right now?
I'd be curious to know!

Until Next Time,
xoxo Sami