Glam & Beauty

Hello Everyone!
Long time no post, school's been keeping me so busy x_x

On October 21, I did a photoshoot with LaPhotoNET. It was very different from the first photoshoot I did with him. My first shoot was in lolita (see blog entry here). This time, we did glam and beauty; a mix of glam and pinup.

The amazing Tani (designbymake) did my hair and makeup. 
When I looked in the mirror, I barely recognized myself!

It took quite a while, but the result was awesome!
Photo from LaPhotoNET

We worked in Nelson's home studio. It was small, but I think it worked well for what we were doing. I brought a whole mess of clothes to play with. Black and red were the colors of choice, and we used a red background. I changed into about 5 different outfits throughout the shoot.

This was the first photo he processed, and my jaw dropped.
It looked too cool! I couldn't help but show everyone ^^;

Next was some black & white, which looked great:

I tried something a little different with this outfit, it felt a little more "pin-up mafia" to me, haha. We also added gold flakes around my eyes, it looked awesome!

Near the end of our shoot (mind you I got there at 3:45pm and left around 9-9:30pm!) I played around a bit more with my hair and turned out some awesome results!

Needless to say, I'm in love with this photo

This one is my absolute favorite, I could tell it would come out perfectly

All in all, I had a blast! It was a long shoot, but extremely well worth it :)
Both Nelson and Tani were wonderful to work with; I can't wait for our next shoot!

Please check out LaPhotoNET for the whole 21 photo set here,
a behind the scenes look here,
and also check out Tani at designbymake!

Until Next Time,
Stay Gold, Sami