Coming to a close...

Hello Hello!

Whelp, this week concludes my internship at Fairytale Boutique…but not my time with them! Miki offered me a part time job <333 I’m so excited to be able to work there! Please come visit me on Fridays and Saturdays!

I was very fortunate to get this internship, and I definitely learned a lot. It taught me how to work in the retail environment since I haven't worked in retail before. I learned the inner workings of a store, and everything that it takes to run one, including marketing, visual merchandising, inventory, store layout, and the online store.
The online store was my biggest responsibility, since we really wanted to get that up and running. I learned everything about the admin side of it, and quickly found there are a lot of small details that need to be input for an item before it can be put on the floor, and even more for when it goes up online.
I was able to apply my knowledge from AMM, because it has taught me all I know about the fashion industry. I’ve learned about store layouts and floor plans, fabrics and sewing skills, and accounting and store management. In different ways, I was able to apply these skills and more to my internship, which made me a greater asset because I wasn’t coming into it with no knowledge of the industry.
I did learn a lot for the time I was there. I enjoyed that I already knew my boss, because it made the dynamic between us more relaxed and comfortable. I think if she didn’t know her intern, it wouldn’t have gone nearly as well. I am very thankful for the opportunity.

See you soon!


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