Fairytale Boutique New Items, Video Filming, and Dolly House Runway!

Hello Everyone!

Sorry I’ve been a bit quieter recently, it’s crunch time at school, and I’ve just been so busy! Between projects, presentations, essays, midterms, and interning, I feel like I haven’t had a chance to catch up in the internet world :( The good thing is that I’ve just finished week 8 out of 10 in this quarter, so in just a bit here, finals will be coming up! I’m so ready for spring break x_x

This week has been really busy at Fairytale Boutique!! Our website has finally opened, to the wonderful applause of many people that were waiting for it! See the announcement post here :)

Please visit us over at Fairytale-Boutique.com! There are a lot of items up right now, and we’re working on updating it with more items as often as we can :)

We’ve been getting a lot of new items at the store too! Currently a few more dresses, a bag, and a messload of accessories! You’ll just have to come in to see everything we’ve got! Really, all I worked on yesterday was inputting many of the new items into the system so we could put them on the floor.

Oh! Miki also did a really big preorder on the Angelic Pretty Mook with Sugary Carnival Tote that’s come out! We got SO many x_x we wrapped up about 20 yesterday to be shipped out. It was a lot of work, and when everything was packed, we had a giant stack of priority boxes! Thankfully the postman will do a pick-up for us!

These books are really cute! Personally I don't care for the black colorway of Sugary Carnival, so I'm not terribly interested in the tote, but I definitely want to pick up the book! I'm hoping to find it online by itself for cheaper, because I know most people are after that tote.

We also did a video filming after hours last night! It was so much fun, but I can't say what it's for! When it gets released, I'll post about it on here :) Thanks everyone that came, I think it was a big success, and I can't wait to see how it turned out! We had a lot of fun, and a great group of people!

Anyway, I’m going in today too, and it’s going to be just as busy, but hopefully we can put all the new stuff out today! Miki and I teamwork well together, and it makes it go a lot faster :)


On another note....please join us at Dolly House Runway tomorrow! I'm really excited, and it's going to be a really fun and big event! I'm actually going to be one of the models for *** so please come watch me do my best in the fashion show! Hopefully I'll be wearing the dress of my choice, but anything I will be wearing will look wonderful! See you all there :)

Hope you guys enjoyed my updates, and I hope to post again real soon!

Until Next Time,
x_x Sami


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