Dolly House Runway & Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

On March 3rd, I was part of Dolly House Runway, a fashion show presented by the SoCal Lolitas. I was very fortunate to be asked to be a model for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright! I had missed out on their PMX show, so I was happy that this opportunity arose. This was an incredible experience for me, since Baby & AatP are two of my favorite brands!

The show was hosted at UC Irvine. I carpooled with Stephanie, and it took us about 45 minutes to get there. We ended up being early, and arrived at 9am. We hung around for a bit until more people showed up, including the representatives for Baby, Joshia and Fabienne. While we were hanging out, we checked out Baby's booth; they had so much good stuff!

Photo from Peter Huynh
Fabienne showed us everything we would be wearing, and Fall in Love with the Sweet Magic Scent was chosen for me!
JSK in Sax BlueBlouse in ivory
SocksBABY Victoir shoes
Not to mention the 3 petticoats I was wearing and bloomers!
I also carried a little Usakumya coinpurse, and they were so smart and put the scrunchie from the series on him!

I was really happy with this outfit, and everyone was saying the color suited me so well! It felt like "over the top classic Baby style" and was super fun to wear!

We practiced on the runway first to assure we would know what we were doing, how we were posing, and how to walk. I look like a dork, but this pic came out pretty cute:
Photo from Peter Huynh

Although we had to wait around for a while before getting our hair and makeup, Tani coordinated all the looks she was aiming for, and I had my makeup done by Ali, and she did an absolutely beautiful job! My makeup matched my outfit perfectly :)
Backstage was pretty crazy, there were people running everywhere, everyone was trying to get makeup and hair done, lots of wigs and clothes everywhere too!

But! After a lot of nerves and anticipation, it was finally time to take the stage!! Baby showed a video first of the whole process of making their clothes. Since we were behind the stage, we only got to see bits and pieces of it, but I heard it was really lovely!

On to the pics!

Mah face
Photo from Zekie Cho
Me on stage!
Photo from Peter Huynh
Here's a picture of Misako wearing close to the same outfit!

All the other models look absolutely stunning in their outfits as well! Joshia and Fabienne did an amazing job at choosing outfits that would work best with us :)

Stephanie: Robe a la Francaise & Headdress Set
Stephanie looks so pretty in pink!
Photo from Peter Huynh

Ashley: Alice’s tear bottle ribbon tassel JSK
Ashley fell so in love with this dress!
Photo from Peter Huynh

Frances: Marie du ange & veil with mini hat
Frances looked absolutely stunning in this!
Photo from Peter Huynh

Ayami: Air Mail Vest & Skirt
She looks so perfect!
Photo from Peter Huynh

Leslie: Trump Alice OP
She looks like a perfect Alice doll!
Photo from Peter Huynh

Everyone did a fabulous job on the runway; I'm so proud of us!
Fabienne and Joshia did a wonderful job of guiding us as well, and making sure everything ran smoothly. Thank you girls so much for everything!
Joshia - BABY Manager
Photo from Ariane
Fabienne - BABY Rep
Photo from Ariane

Looking out at all the people that were there, I was excited that it was a full house! I really hope everyone enjoyed the show :D

Here's a video from ChillyWillyTube of the show!

After we finished our part, we changed back into our own clothes, and I put on AatP's Midsummer's. I had only worn it to school and work so far, so I wanted to wear it for an actual event! It was really hot so I made a really simple outfit without a blouse ^^;

Photo from Angela
Stephanie, Ayami, and I went to see what goodies Albertina (our lovely food coordinator) had made! I loaded up my plate with sweets, mini hot dogs, and other yummy things! I really like everything, but I think my favorite were the mini Oreo cupcakes!

Angela's Plate
Photo from Peter Huynh

After having our fill, we went to chat with all our friends that had come to the event! It was so nice seeing all the familiar faces, some I hadn't seen in a while either :) I was so happy to hear everyone thought I did a good job on the runway ^^ We all hung out and talked, and I tried to have a small chat with as many people as I could :)

I went over to Baby's table where Joshia was, and she gave me a giftbag for being a model! It was very sweet of her. I got an Alice's Letter Pad and a Rose Boudoir ring. I was actually eying that ring at the beginning of the event, so I was happy I was given it as a gift!

After a while, I found there was a small crowd out in the hallway, so I hung out there for a while...and ended up twerking with Lor....

We went back inside for the raffle. They had a lot of good prizes, including some from Maruq and Baby. Being a model, I was given one ticket for it. I was number 188456. My heart went pounding 3 times when they called 188458, 3, and 1! I was sad I didn't win anything, but was very happy for those who did :)

Since I had been up since 6am and it was about 8pm after the raffle, Stephanie and I decided to call it a night. It was definitely a long day!!
Overall, I think the event turned out pretty well, and there was a great turnout. I hope all goes well for next year, and maybe I'll be back in the fashion show!

There are a lot of albums of the show floating around, here's links to a few of them!
(when more surface, I'll add links)

Until Next Time,
:D Sami


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