Suspended Elegance

On June 10th, I became a part of LaPhotoNET's Suspended Elegance - Photos of Floating Lolitas. This was so amazingly fun, and I'm so thrilled how the photos came out!

From LaPhotoNET:
The fourth set [of floating lolitas] is with Sami Boardman. We met in downtown Los Angeles’ film district to shoot some urban floating Lolita photos. She came ready and pumped to float. We kept the shoot very simple, and ended up getting great results. I like that they are very much different from the sets I’ve done previously. I learned so much in this shoot. Thanks to Sami for being awesome.

Aren't these pictures awesome?! I love the coloring and how vibrant they are, and the location was a great choice! I agree with Nelson (the photographer), the contrast of this sweet style with the background makes it look so cool.
Now, I won't spoil how we made me float, but it was fun! and it's odd to see it from the other side because I know how it was done now :3
I'm really glad we had fun doing this shoot, and I like keeping my shoots upbeat by laughing often ^^ gotta have fun! There were other people taking photographs around where we were, and we saw them going into the middle of the street and though "shoot, why not!" So when there was a break in the cars passing we ran into the middle and shot :D It was very odd at one point because all the cars on one side slowed down and I looked over and was confused! We were in the center divider so there was no need...heh. Well, I had a lot a lot of people looking, and I got a few interesting remarks, for example a "Cinderella" and a cat call. literally. "meyowww!" I told Nelson and he was just as confused as I was! It was funny though XD

Some favorite comments I've gotten so far about the shoot:
Nelson: "Wow Sami! Thank you SO much for helping me! I got a lot of usable shots from you. you're freakin awesome!"

Sarah S. "Sami looks like Alice falling down the rabbit hole! That is so cool!"
Liz L. "I love this whole set so much. I love the model's face and poses AND how you juxtaposed the pink dress/blonde hair with urban grittiness. luuuurve it." 
skyscraperopera.tumblr: "omg real hover lolis"
RoseAddict.DA: "This is so amazing! It's like Alice in Wonderland meets Momoko!"

 I really hope to shoot again with LaPhotoNET, we had a blast, and I think we work well together :)
I know he's got some things up his sleeve, so we'll see when that happens!

Please check out the entire 18 photo set of me, and the 3 other floating lolitas he's shot with here.

Until Next Time,
xoxo Sami

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