Recently I got a hamster! My boyfriend's sister gave her to me :) Her original name was Lucy, but I decided to rename her....Bunny! haha I love bunnies, and she's the closest I'm going to get to having a bunny any time soon. She's such a fluffball! Sometimes I call her Butterball, dunno why, but it just stuck.

This is the cage we bought for her, it was bigger than her original one, and I wanted her to have some space to roam. I'd like to get her more attached tubes and whatnot, but I haven't been able to get it yet.

 There's the lower level with her igloo, the second level shelves with treats on the left and her food bowl on the right, tubes to get up to the second level -- but she prefers to grab onto the shelf and pull herself up -- and the left tube goes up to a little square where she can curl up and sleep:

Since she discovered this spot, she's been sleeping here a lot more than in her igloo.

Goodness, she's such a ham! She's very good at posing for me :3
She sat here like this, I ran to grab my camera, came back and she was still sitting there, I took the photo, then she ran off. I'm happy she likes sitting still sometimes!

I let her run around in her ball sometimes, and I think she really enjoys that :)
Today I let her roam around in the bathroom because there wasn't anywhere for her to disappear off to. In the end she found things on the floor that she shouldn't eat, so I had to put her back. I think she had fun though!
 She decided she liked this spot behind the toilet, and sat there for a bit haha.

Then she decided to clean herself in the midst of a belt...again behind the toilet.

She's so cute, I really love her :D I spoil her too! Too many treats, she's such a fatbutt!

Until next time,
<3 Sami


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