Your Secret

"Lolita, I've finally found your secret, a fluffy skirt".
Wonderful lyrics from Moon-Kana- that describe me perfectly. Lolita isn't necessarily the first thing I tell people about myself, and when I do (thankfully) most really like it, or at least accept it. Lolita really is an amazingly large portion of my life. I'm always on egl and the comm_sales, checking out new brand releases, coming up with designs, and of course, going to school for fashion. It's something I want to pursue always, and want to keep it with me in ink.
I began my tattoo design with simply the lyrics, knew I wanted the placement to be on my right side between my bra and panty line, and I planned on that for a while. Recently, I wanted to add in something a bit more. I started with the idea of a cute bow at the end of the text, but it felt too overdone. Then I thought "Why not something from my first dream dress?" and thus, I tried to add in the roses from Alice and the Pirates' Dream in a Midsummer Night. I went through many variations, but couldn't get it quite right.
Then, I found it: just the composition I thought would work well. Of course, I'll be going over it with my artist to make sure it'll work well, and I want to make sure I love it before really going through with it -- and of course saving up the money!!
Currently I'm planning on starting with saving up for just the outline, and then do shading for the second session when I've got more money. Again, I've got to talk with my artist because I don't know how separate sessions are done.
I think I've finally got it though. Take a look:

What do you think?
I also did a quick photoshop edit of what it'll look like on my side from an older photo:

Honestly, I think this is gonna look sick! I'm so excited :D Now it's just a matter of saving up!

Until next time,
<3 Sami


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