Odd Tidbits About Me!

Every so often, a weird memory will pop up into my head, and I thought it'd be interesting to write them down! I'll write down weird things about me too.
I'll repost this blog now and then when I've added more to the list~

❤ In 6th grade I went on a field trip to a pirate ship. My teacher chose me as the captain, which meant I was in charge of my crew of other classmates. I remember trying to instruct them on what to do (with help from an instructor who worked there) and they had to wrap the ship's rope correctly or do it again.

❤ My grandma would never let me watch Power Rangers because it was too violent. I'd sneak watching it a bit when she was in the other room though!

❤ I went on a field trip to what I think was the Discovery Center (I really want to go back!) in elementary school. There was a big maze like in Discovery Zone (for those who remember!) that I think my mom was uncomfortable with me going in. There was a room with the softest sand ever where you could take off your shoes. There was also a small room where I think you were able to look at constellations.

❤ There's still one dream I had when I was much younger that for some reason hasn't left me. The first half was that my middle (maybe it was elementary?) school was taking our class photo, and all of a sudden, Zach, my elementary crush, showed up and I got super excited since he had moved away. The second half was that I was hanging around the community pool at my mom's house and I believe there was a party going on with all of my friends, and Kyle, my ex from elementary school, was there and I sat down next to him and chatted for a while. I really don't know why this dream has stuck with me, but it's really funny!

❤ I went on a field trip to one of the California Missions, and because it was my birthday, they let me ring the bell in the bell tower.

❤ I used to watch Xena a lot when I was little, and thanks to asking my friends on Facebook, I've discovered the episode that is still most prominent in my mind is season 4, episode 13 - Paradise Lost. "While taking refuge from a storm, Xena and Gabrielle encounter a mystic named Aiden who may not be the gentle man he claims to be." He gets Gabrielle to do yoga and almost turns her into a blue statue.

❤  Eevee is my favorite Pokemon!

❤ I cut my hair all by myself when i was about 5...just before my mom's wedding. I sat in the backyard with kids scissors, talking to my soon-to-be step-dad. He came out to find me with my hair a mess, and we had to get it cleaned up at a salon. We have pictures and everything! (If I ever find them, I'll post)

❤ I went to Club 33 when I was younger with my uncle. It wasn't until years later when I was talking to my Cast Member friend that I realized that's where I had been!

❤ I have only one tattoo currently, and that's an owl on my foot. It the necklace that my grandma always wears. I didn't find out until after I got it that she always wears it because it's her good luck charm.
taken the day i got it

❤ I pet a pig on the beach, and then watched him play in the sand :3

❤ I have also fed a squirrel cheerios!

❤ I used to play a computer game called Wishbone and the Amazing Odyssey! I ended up getting stuck and finally gave up. I think my ship got wrecked and I couldn't figure out how to fix it, and I could go to Hades too, but couldn't figure out what to do there either. I've always wondered if I should replay the game to try to beat it!

❤ I went to a few different camps when I was younger, and one of those was an outdoor style camp. While we were sitting around waiting for instructions and information, I pushed too hard on my wrist, and a bug that was there stung me :( I didn't like that camp.

❤ I remember when I got the chicken pox. We were getting ready to leave to my grandma's house, when I kept itching the back of my neck. My mom looked and was like "oh crap that's chicken pox"...so, I had to stay home. Thankfully it's a one-time thing!

❤ Two of my favorite shows to watch after school were Legends of the Hidden Temple and Ghostwriter. Anyone remember them? I got so scared watching Legends when they went through the maze because I didn't like the people jumping out.

❤ In elementary school I was in after school club called Friday Frolic (or something like that). We'd play games and what not. One of the teachers really liked me, and she once rigged bingo so I could finally win something! It was pretty funny.

❤ I have a faint memory of going somewhere for an Easter event. We waved goodbye to an Easter Bunny costumed person, to take a train to another area where we could sift through hay to find candy treats. What did we find on the other side? The Easter Bunny! I was so confused how he got to the other side so fast. Obviously realized later in life there were two. I got a few pieces of candy, and on the way back on the train, half of the carts split from the other, and we waved to them while ours kept going. No idea what ended up happening though.

❤  I used to be part of the Claremont Library reading club. At one point, they had a raffle to win tickets to a Dodgers game. I'm hanging out at my grandma's, and she brings me an envelope that has Dodger tickets in them! I was so excited I won, and I ended up going with my step-dad.

❤ I listened to the radio a lot when I was younger, and one day before school in elementary school I was listening to 103.5, and they were doing a giveaway for a VHS of Pokemon Mew vs. Mewtwo. Guess who won?! I still have the VHS at home.

❤  My Pet Peeves:
  • I tend to drive fast on the freeway, and I can't stand people that think that 65 in the fast or carpool lane is okay.
  • People who brake when there's no car in front of them.
  • hashtags. 
  • People who flake out, don't show up, or are late, especially without messaging or calling.
❤  I love peeling the cardboard piece off the tops of tissue boxes

❤  I'm a complete sucker for floral prints and chiffon fabric.

❤  My favorite flowers are Foxgloves (google pics)

❤  The condo I used to live in had a patch of clovers in the backyard. It was a very lucky patch, because it grew a lot of 4 leaf clovers! At one time I picked 24 of them :)

❤  In my youth I went to Astro Camp. (I'll have to write more about this later) 

Stay tuned for more weird facts about me!


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