Marimo Valentine's Meet at Fairytale Boutique!

I want to give a big thank you to everyone who came to our Marimo Valentine's Meet yesterday! It was a big success, and we couldn’t have done it without you guys <3
Everyone who worked the event too, thanks for helping everything run smoothly!
 For those who weren’t able to make it, I’ll give a rundown of everything that took place:

Some people came in between noon and 3 when we were still open, and I asked certain people if they’d be joining us for our meet. One girl said “yes, that’s why we’re here!” and took out her marimo ^^ It was so cute, and she decorated the jar really well!
We then closed down the shop at 3 to set up for the event! We rearranged the furniture, and set out the candygrams on a table, and put out a few new products especially for the event. We changed the outfits on the mannequins for Valentine’s Day too!

My outfit for the day:

Tara and I twinned! She’s so darling <3 We wore Angelic Pretty’s Wonder Story. I wore mine with the matching headbow, an AP blouse, and Alice in Wonderland tattoo tights. She wore hers with the matching headbow, AP’s “eat me” socks, and the “drink me” bottle necklace.

We took a few pictures before the event started:

Photo from Zeke
The shopgirls for the event

Our marimo for sale:

I worked the candygram table for a while, and Oli traded off with me too

Photo from Zeke

At 3:30, we began to let people in! There was such an influx, and many people came straight for the candygram table! Within the first 10 minutes, about 7 of them were gone :) By the end of the night, all 20 were sold! 

Most people chatted and looked at what we had for sale, and I saw Monique was very busy at the register! It was so nice to see familiar faces, and everyone was so well dressed too! Everyone was decked out for Valentine’s Day.

Oh! Lor picked up Hide and Seek with Missin’ Alice! I saw she got it and I was super excited for her! I personally didn’t care for the OP, so I was happy she bought it <3 I can’t wait to see how she coords it! I know she’s gonna look awesome.

A few of my favorite outfits of the night:

Christine was wearing Milky Rail Train, and looked fabulous!

Angela always looks so cute!
I love her dip-dyed hair and how she curled it,
and she made her shooting star scarf herself!

At 5:30pm, we gathered everyone for bingo!

Photo from Lor
I was told it was very intense.


Oli and I pulled out the numbers. The first round was for some goodies, and the second round was one of the Kyary tickets! Both Lor and Haley won, but Lor let Haley take the ticket.

Right after, we asked if everyone wanted to do the raffle, to which a resounding “yes” was heard. There were three winners, the second place receiving a $5 gift certificate to the shop (congrats Tara!), and the top prize was a second Kyary ticket (congrats Mandy!).

A little later, we held our best dressed contest, and Nancy decided the winner!

Everyone had to have their marimo with them to qualify. Nancy said it was a tough decision because she knew them all personally, but in the end, she chose Ashley as the winner! She won a $10 gift certificate to the shop, and some other things as well.

After this, I think people started getting hungry, because it quickly died down. I was sad to say bye to everyone, but I knew I’d be seeing them again soon!

And of course, to round out the night, what’s a Lolita meet up without some funny pictures!?

Photo from Zeke
Amy and I being silly

Lor trying to convert Ashely to sweet!

Photo from Zeke
Lor has a terrible fear of squirrels, so when Ashley discovered her prize bag
contained a squirrel blanket, she and Tani couldn’t help but make this photo happen.

Photo from Zeke
And photobombs are a regular.

Afterward, I realized how hungry I was, so Robert (who came to visit me after the event) and I went to eat at Mr. Ramen. It was good, but I think we were both very tired from a long day.

It was very interesting to be on the other side of things by working the event instead of just coming as a guest, but at the same time, I was still able to talk to many of my friends! I enjoyed being able to help out, and I’m so happy everything went smoothly. I can’t wait until our next event!

Again, a big thank you to everyone who came, and I hope to see you all at the next event!
Thank you to Zeke for being our photographer for the night. Be sure to check out all of his event photos here!

Until Next Time,
<3 Sami



Wow, I totally love you & your twins outfits! *_*
I love wonderstory and you both combined it very well.

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