Upcoming Marimo Meet~!

Hello Everyone!

Well, Friday was a simple day working at Fairytale Boutique. We were mainly preparing for our Marimo event on Sunday! Miki had to go shopping for different items, so I hung out at the shop, taking care of some things she asked me to. I swept, took care of customers, and added model numbers to a lot of the older items in our store.

I had made gift certificates for the shop too, and If I say so myself, they came out really cute! Two lucky ducks will be winning these at our event on Sunday! We found out how hard printing these were when we had to print about 5 copies before they turned out right! We finally got it, and they’re just perfect.

I’m really excited for the raffle too! There’s a lot of good prizes, and as you all know, the top prize is a ticket to Kyary’s concert! When Miki brought back all the stuff for the raffle, I was surprised how much stuff she got!

After hours we worked on the candygrams! We couldn’t help but eat a few of the pieces of delicious candy Miki bought >w< Oh, these are so darling! They’ll come with a cute cup, bubbles, and a lot of candy! I hope you guys will buy them for your valentines, or even yourself!

I’ve been planning my outfit out in my head, and after the swap meet event yesterday, Tara and I decided we’re going to twin in Wonder Story <3 
She’s so lucky she was able to pick up Midsummer’s too! We’re planning on twinning in that when I get mine as well!

My Dress Tara's Dress

I’m so excited for the event, and I hope you all will join! It’ll be a lot of fun <3 

See you soon!


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