Shopgirls, Disneyland, and Cute Things!

Hello Everyone!

Fairytale Boutique made an official announcement that we have officially promoted Olivia Rivera as one of our official Shop Girl/Moderator of Fairytale Boutique. ♥
Congratulations Oli! ♥

This is the first released photo from our shoot last Sunday! Doesn’t Oli look cute? I love that cat-eared hat on her! I can’t wait to see how the other photos come out.

Things are happening quickly around the shop! The website is really pushing forward, and more and more items are being added to it. Please look forward to its opening!


A few cool things happened today. The first was that a Lolita walked in, very sweet girl, and she made mention of a Lolita who did a video about Disneyland…when it clicked! She was talking about Lor, and our Disneyland video!

Come to think of it, I don't think I told you guys about this! Lor and I went to Disneyland Jan 9th, and we recorded a video: Living Lolita: Disneyland. It's a great little video that answers a lot about lolitas and Disneyland.

Rewatching this video makes me so happy! We had so much fun that day ^^
 When I told the girl it was me who was with Lor, she got super excited and asked me more questions. It was so awesome to have someone bring it up in real life!

The second was that I got to purchase a pair of those awesome silver pearl kitty ears headbands!

Ohh they’re so cute! I love that you can dress them up or down, they’re so fun!

My outfit for the day was a bit more casual, and a bit more colorful than I usually wear:
 I made "kuma buns" in my hair, and put Baby bows over them.
Someone also recognized my Kawaii Carnival shirt!

 Until Next Time!
~* Sami


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