Tune in Tokyo presents HARAJUKU HOLIDAY: Lolita Fashion Showcase at Royal/T

On Feb 22nd, I attended Tune in Tokyo's Harajuku Holiday, and was one of the models in the fashion show!
It took us forever to get there, an hour and a half, traveling from Pomona to Culver City. But we finally made it at 7. We did a rehearsal before doors opened, and I found I was closing the show.
Mandie had asked if I would wear one of the lovely designs from Miss Angela Che, and I was more than happy to!

Angela in her UFO Catcher design, and me in Forest Friends

My boyfriend Robert, Tani, Ashley and I (and Matsu joined later on) sat at a table to have some tea and snacks before the fashion show. It was really great to catch up with these girls! I always miss seeing them :3

After the main acts, it was our turn to do the fashion show!

Me up on the stage

I was doing a more casual style, and Mandie and I communicated on the best items to coordinate with this dress ^^
I was so nervous backstage, but knew once I got out there it would be a lot of fun...and it was!

All of us girls, gothic in the back, sweet in the front

Here's a video from Lovely Lor, which includes the fashion show!

I'm still waiting for more photos to pop up around Facebook and the rest of the internet, cuz I'm sure there were a lot more taken haha. One set of great photos is here from LA Weekly ^^
I was very bad about taking photos from the night (as usual x_x) but I enjoyed seeing everyone! I got sooooo many compliments about Angela's dress! I can't wait for the next event, so I can see all my great friends again :D

On another note, I'm really excited because March 3rd I'm doing a photoshoot with Matsu and Cabusi and on the 17th with Nelson for his Floating Lolita collection! They're going to be a lot of fun; I can't wait!

Until next time,
<3 Sami


Geeky Glamorous

Thank you so much for being a part of the show Sami! You made a lovely model. :3

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