I'm Living in a Fairytale

On Jan 19, I worked for my second day at Fairytale Boutique! I met Miki’s boyfriend, Shaun, and he taught me all about the backside of the online shop. I learned how to input photos and information for each item we’re putting online, and how to “enable” them so they’d show up on the site. I got to see what the store front looks like too! You guys are gonna love it, it’s so cute!

I’m really good with Photoshop, and Shaun showed me how to photograph items and then Photoshop them to make them look professionally presentable. I fix the levels to blow out the background, and paint it in white. If need be, I use the select tool to make sure nothing gets cut off. I learned some techniques that I didn’t know before! Photoshop is such a big program XD

I was really proud of myself when Shaun told me I was a quick learner and was picking up inputting information for the items and Photoshopping the stock photos correctly. It makes me happy to know that I’m being a good asset to the shop, and really helping get the name out to the larger Lolita community outside of LA. 

This is mainly what I worked on for the day, and I was more than happy to do it, because I know how bad Miki wants to get it up and running! Crossing my fingers, depending on how many products we can get up on the site, hopefully it’ll be launched soon!

It was really nice talking to Miki and Shaun at the end of the day because we chit-chatted about the inner workings of the store, and tips and tricks for the real world. 
Shaun also talked to me about the benefits of having your own website, saying he’s been offered jobs just from having that tool. I’m working on getting that set up for myself, but currently I’m having trouble getting things to work right! (If anyone knows how to help me, please email me at midsummer.chocolate(at)hotmail.com!)

Also, my outfit for the day:

 I didn't end up wearing those shoes, but they matched so well!

Until Next Time!
;) Sami


Oli (Lemontree11)

Glad you learned some tips from photoshop. Also a quick tip from deleting backgrounds is to use the feather feature before you delete, so the edges of the garment are not too choppy.

Anyhoo, some tips for building a website, is to know your basic CSS and HTML.

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