Fairytale Boutique

It's been so long! I'm such a bad blogger OTL

Whelp, I started my first internship today! I'm proud to say I work at the Fairytale Boutique!
I had a very fun-filled first day, and I learned a lot!

I wore Baby's Princess Honey's Tea Salon, pink, with white polka dot tights. Something simple and comfortable :)

I picked up a small thank you gift for Miki before I got there ^^

I've worked a few jobs, but nothing yet in retail.
We started with the basics of the shop: how to use the register, how to put on the hangtags, how the clothes need to be hung, and how to fold the waist ties prettily.
I also learned on the computer how to add items into the inventory, and how to add items as sold.

A few different groups came in, but most just browsed what we had.
There was one girl who came in who looked so cute! She had on a blouse with lots of lace, the F21 HK tights, a HK key necklace, and her nails were done up all deco style! I couldn't help but admire her :D
I was happy to see some familiar faces too! Thanks for stopping in guys :)

A lot of the day was spent explaining the super cute Marimo balls!

We were talking about how we should have a care sheet for those who adopted them, sooo I whipped one up on Illustrator! It turned out really well, and I was happy Miki liked it ^^ I also made an adoption certificate, kind of like they do at Build a Bear :)
People were so intrigued by the little things! Miki was really good at explaining what they are too.

I'm also learning about consignment items, adding them into the inventory, etc. but we're going to cover this tomorrow.
I learned there's different kinds of guests, mainly those who are just browsing, and those who actually know about the fashion, and how to take care of them. It's weird to think of people like that! But Miki told me it's about making friends, and I like that! Making new friends who are interested in the same fashion as you is exciting.

It's so odd being on the other side of the counter and learning all the ins and outs of having a shop! I really like it though, and I'm so eager to learn.

We also talked about possible upcoming events, but I can't reveal too much about those! :x

Tomorrow I'll be working on the online shop! I'm really excited about this because I know how bad Miki wants to get that up and running. So, hopefully soon it will be!

Until Next Time!

I'll try to blog more, I swear...


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