I've been really excited about Disneyland, now that I've got a pass :D My bf and I went again on the 11th :)
We first hit the train, rode around for a bit, ended up in fairytale land (oh I don't remember the name) and saw a bit of the princess show.

I don't remember everything we did though! Ah well, have some photos :D

Pinocchio Ride

Snow White ride
I remembered how much I hate this ride because of how dark the storyline of the ride is :( Won't go on it again!

Alice in Wonderland :D

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

We saw this donkey(?)!! So awesome!

Lol Rob on the Mark Twain boat. It was so cool being able to see so much!

Mark Twain boat

View of the island

View from the boat

Haunted Mansion!! I was so excited to go on this :D I remember it being sooo scary when I was little, but I really like it!

More Haunted Mansion

We saw the Jazz Band play :)

Yay I got my first character photo! Dunno what happened to the photo though haha

Oh man, we went through Innovations, saw ASIMO the robot, and then went through the house, saw this kickass cello, I don't play, but whew I would love to have that!!

At the end of the day we saw the parade, my phone was dead so I just got photos from my bf :)

After this, we headed over to California because I had been craving clam chowder. We went to the sourdough factory and got some in a sourdough bowl, and maaan it was good, but they give you so little T^T we wasted so much time eating the inside of the bread XD

By 8pm, I was freezing my ass off -- note to self, don't wear shorts :( or at least bring pants! so we decided to head home~

Overall I had a lot of fun!! I'm going back this coming wed with some friends, one of which work there, so we'll hear a lot of interesting stories :D

Until Next Time!
^0^ Sami


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