Keep Calm & Chive On!

If you guys don't know about The Chive, you're missing out. It's like an underground community made up of the best people. I discovered them back when there were about 350 pages (they're up to 766 now), so that'd put it at about Sept '10. They post all sorts of pictures, including hot girls, Bill Fucking Murray, Cat Saturdays, Motivational Mondays, hot girls, and all kinds of funny. It's a great way to put some fun and laughter in your day :) Their headquarters are even located right here in SoCal! (Can't remember exactly where, maybe Venice Beach or Santa Monica?)
I actually got my boyfriend really interested in The Chive, so I can proudly say we're both Chivers!

Recently, I picked up some Chive gear from The Chivery. I got a sticker pack for each of us, a KCCO shirt for myself, and a Chive Logo tee for Robert. I was really inspired to snag some things after I saw my first Chiver in person at Disneyland.

The guy even asked me, "Where's your shirt?" and I told him "I'm trying, man!"
I guess the tees had been sold out for months, so I was really lucky that I got them!

I got my sticker pack already, and have put a KCCO sticker on my computer, and am putting a "Chive On!" sticker on my bumper :D

I can't wait for my shirt to come in! I'm planning on going to Disneyland, and hope I run into some Chivers :)

So, what are you waiting for!?! Get Chiving!!

Until next time,
xoxo a loyal chivette ;)


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