Suspended Elegance, 2013

It's been a while, hasn't it? I've been so busy!

Today I want to share with you all my latest photoshoot with LaPhotoNET!
This was our second third time shooting together, and the second time for the Suspended Elegance series! He needed an "emergency floating lolita" so I stepped up to the plate, and was really excited about it! (Seriously, like all week I was planning my outfit)
For this set, I wore my Angelic Pretty Rose Dress Up JSK. I'm so in love with this dress <3 I wanted to do a lot of flowers too, so I did up my Cyperous wig with lots of clip-in flowers and bows :)

Rob and I drove out to Griffith Park and met up with Nelson and his crew of helpers, and got right down to business. The shoot took about an hour, and Nelson said he got all the shots he wanted! I had a few tricks up my sleeve too! I knew I wanted to do it barefoot; it gave it a different feel that I really enjoyed. We got some really cool standing shots too that made me feel like Mary Poppins ^^;

Here are my favorites:

Pretty cool, huh? 
I seem to be really good at surprising myself! When the first photo appeared, I was like "0_0 that's me!?!?!" I was in total disbelief!
As much as I love the last set I did with him last year, I can see a big improvement in my style this time around. This definitely suits me a lot!
As always, Nelson is so much fun to work with! I hope we have an opportunity to shoot together again soon *poke poke*

Please check out the full series of Suspended Elegance from LaPhotoNet here!
Nelson wrote a little blog entry about the shoot here too ^^

Until Next Time
xoxo Sami ;)



Wow, such pretty pictures! *_*
I love this floating-thing and you outfit is just gorgeous!

Best wishes

Miss Bloomers

Wow! These photos are lovely. <3

I really like the sheer blouse with it too. It goes so well, even with the pointed collar! Could you tell us the brand of the blouse as well?


Zhenya - Thank you so much!

Miss Bloomers - Thank you ^^ I found my blouse at a thrift store, so I have no idea where it's from! It looks like the tag was cut off by the previous owner, so I don't even know the brand :(

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