Life Updates: Bike Riding and San Fransisco!

Hi again!

Whelp, I've got some life updates, if you're interested ^^

Recently, Rob bought me a new bike from Bumstead's Bicycles :D
He wanted to go riding, but couldn't since I didn't have a, voila!
It's a fixie, a simple clean black, 41cm (their smallest size) cuz I'm tiny!

I've really been trying to be active, so for the past four days I've gone out riding.
Day 1: 3.63mi. Get my legs going, get a feel for it.
Day 2: 11.27 mi. To get myself a softer bike seat x_x the original was killing my butt bones!
Day 3: 7.25 mi. To Juice It Up. Can't ride well with a cup in my hand :(
Day 4: 7.53 mi. To check out some shops in the area. Found a cute candy store.

It makes me a bit sore, but so happy! I've been noticing a weight increase, and I really want to do something about it, and this is definitely a great way to start :D
On top of this, I've been trying to do just 10 minutes of working out - crunches, pushups, etc. - a day to help the stomach I've gained. I keep neglecting this part though!

Friday and Saturday I work full time, so unless I ride after work, I won't be riding those days. Sundays I'd like to ride, but that's the only day Rob has off to relax, so we'll see how that goes. Four rides a week is excellent I think though :D

Let's keep at it!


Second part of my life updates!

We're taking our annual family up to San Fransisco this year! ahhh I'm so excited! I really miss being there! It's going to be my mom, me, Rob, my sister Stacy, and her bf Nathan :) We're planning on quite a few things, like the Aquarium, Fisherman's Wharf, uh uh okay I forget what else XD but it's gonna be fun!
aaaaaaaand of COURSE I'm going to be at AP and Baby!! *O* duh that's why I'm excited!!
Ah, we're staying at the Marina Motel, so hopefully it's good! It'll fit all 5 of us though, so that's great :D
I really would love to see all my SF friends, hopefully we can do lunch or something!

Until next time!

Late post about Anime Expo!

Hi everyone!
It's been a while since I've posted, but it's summer so not too much has been going on.

I went to Anime Expo the beginning of July, meant to post about it but got lazy :P

I went with Rob for day 3, Sunday, and was fortunate enough to be in the fashion show hosted by Misako Aoki and Danny Choo! Olivia messaged me asking if I'd like to take part, and I thought it'd be a lot of fun :D

 Outfit Shot, was partially dressed for the fashion show :)

Before the show, I was able to go around the exhibit hall, which was all I really wanted to accomplish. I visited friends in Artist Alley, including Judy at Kawaii Carnival and Lauren at Dearie :D I was a good girl and didn't buy too much...but when I saw that Angelic Pretty had this:

Glass Bottle of Tears

I couldn't help myself! I saw it at AM2, but it was already sold. When I saw it restocked at AX, I convinced my bf into buying it for me <3 I couldn't be happier! I actually went thrift store shopping today and found a few blouses that coordinate wonderfully with it :D

Now if I could just get my hands on this....

Unfortunately they only had red :( I'm so in love with this dress though! and I don't normally go for OPs.

I was fortunate enough to meet Misako too *o*
I got a picture with her, and she signed my AP poster I received with my dress :)
This is a terrible photo, sorry :<

I was also able to stop by cartoongirl7's booth in artist alley. She's really my favorite! I was so happy to hear that she remembered me~~! She's such a sweet girl :3
Hah I've got a collection of her work going for myself x_x

Anyway, on to the fashion show!
I was part of the Kapibara-san section, along with some very lovely girls!

I borrowed Angela's Toy Fantasy salopette, and they provided us with the shirts and kigus :) I was a bit nervous right before I went on stage, but I had so much fun! I forget how many people were in the audience, but this might give you an idea:

It was a blast, and our group of girls couldn't have been better!
You can check out Ben Chan's photos of the show here ^^

All in all it was a really great day, but at the end I was so tired!

Until the next post!