Life Updates: Bike Riding and San Fransisco!

Hi again!

Whelp, I've got some life updates, if you're interested ^^

Recently, Rob bought me a new bike from Bumstead's Bicycles :D
He wanted to go riding, but couldn't since I didn't have a, voila!
It's a fixie, a simple clean black, 41cm (their smallest size) cuz I'm tiny!

I've really been trying to be active, so for the past four days I've gone out riding.
Day 1: 3.63mi. Get my legs going, get a feel for it.
Day 2: 11.27 mi. To get myself a softer bike seat x_x the original was killing my butt bones!
Day 3: 7.25 mi. To Juice It Up. Can't ride well with a cup in my hand :(
Day 4: 7.53 mi. To check out some shops in the area. Found a cute candy store.

It makes me a bit sore, but so happy! I've been noticing a weight increase, and I really want to do something about it, and this is definitely a great way to start :D
On top of this, I've been trying to do just 10 minutes of working out - crunches, pushups, etc. - a day to help the stomach I've gained. I keep neglecting this part though!

Friday and Saturday I work full time, so unless I ride after work, I won't be riding those days. Sundays I'd like to ride, but that's the only day Rob has off to relax, so we'll see how that goes. Four rides a week is excellent I think though :D

Let's keep at it!


Second part of my life updates!

We're taking our annual family up to San Fransisco this year! ahhh I'm so excited! I really miss being there! It's going to be my mom, me, Rob, my sister Stacy, and her bf Nathan :) We're planning on quite a few things, like the Aquarium, Fisherman's Wharf, uh uh okay I forget what else XD but it's gonna be fun!
aaaaaaaand of COURSE I'm going to be at AP and Baby!! *O* duh that's why I'm excited!!
Ah, we're staying at the Marina Motel, so hopefully it's good! It'll fit all 5 of us though, so that's great :D
I really would love to see all my SF friends, hopefully we can do lunch or something!

Until next time!


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