The Happiest Place on Earth :)

Hi everyone!
I'm so sad, I've started school again :( oh well, hopefully I'll learn something this quarter! I miss summer already though!

Anyways, back in March I got a Disneyland pass, and have been wanting to go all the time *w* There's so much to do, even when you go back a few times, you haven't done it all!

I thought I'd share some of my favorite photos of my adventures with you all ^^ enjoy!
(in no particular order!)

I love the Little Mermaid ride! my favorite Disney princess :)

Do you guys remember Conehead Ariel?

Tower of terror has easily become my favorite ride, I love taking the pictures too, even though I have a tendency to drop my pose too early XD

 We are so cute!

Character photos! I'm trying to get them with all the characters I see, what a task!

We ate at Ariel's Grotto <3

Met my first Chiver :)

Sam hanging on while the ferris wheel cart swung

 we got to ride in the back car of the monorail!

being cute waiting for the Aladdin show with our Chive shirts :)

When we derp, we derp hard.

I love dressing up to Disney!!

Whew, a lotta pics!
What's your guys' favorite things to do at Disney? Favorite ride?
Hope you enjoyed my post!

Until Next Time,
<3 Sami


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